Race Parking Simulator

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Your task is to pass the parking levels.

- Free and cool game.
- Open 3D world.
- Realistic car physics.
- Detailed car models in high quality.

The game has the following cars:
- Ferrari 458 Italia
- Nissan GT-R R35
- Ford Mustang
- Nissan 370Z
- Cadilac CTS-V
- Lamborghini Urus
- Bugatti Chrion
- Toyota Supra A80
- Lamborghini Aventador
- Nissan Skyline R34
- BMW M2 F87
- BMW M3 E92
The fleet is constantly replenished.

Replacement of discs, spoiler, color, neon is available for each car. There are also 3 maps available to you: Parking, city, 1 race track.

By logging into the game, you can hang in the gameplay for several hours, while getting incredible pleasure at the same time.

Control of the camera - *Mouse*
Camera change - *C*
Auto control - *WASD - Arrows*
Handbrake - *Space*